Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last Hal-isms for a little while (Vol. 11)

"I'm a sick old man Kady.  You got a chance to make something of yourself."

"Pajamas?  I know all about pajamas.  I wore 'em for two weeks when they cut my hindend out."

"Donde esta?  Muy bien.  I can speak Spanish."

"Your gol' dang mom is trying' to sabotage me.  I got somethin' stuck in my teeth."


Anne said...

So sweet about your Dad tearing up. My parents have started with this crying stuff too... I can kinda understand it, because we are SO awesome.

I am very excited for your newest adventure to start. Sadly, I sorta live vicariously thru you so don't let me down, ok?

(Just kidding! Be safe!)

kady said...

Thanks Anne! Yes- there are sure to be many poop and pee stories to come!

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