Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Language Barrier

I'm visiting friends in North Carolina this week. She is attempting to learn Spanish and has a friend with whom she was discussing diet programs. The native Spanish speaker kept saying how she loved her diet because there was a full day of "sh*tting" and went on and on about how important she felt that you should have a day to "sh*t" on a diet. Turns out she meant "cheat". You really need a full day of "cheating."

Which reminds me of a story that my brother-in-law shared with me yesterday. I don't really remember this, but apparently, at Oktoberfest in Munich 2001, a man was chatting with me. Keri and Marc were close-by, and just making sure I was OK. The man kept saying to me, "how sh*tty that you're leaving." Later, Keri and Marc teased me about that. I said, "HA! NO, he said, 'What city do you live in?'"

1 comment:

Sarah said...

"What city do you live in?"

"Oh, I'm not leaving for a while."

"No, what city do you live in?"

"Heh...heh heh. Okay."

"... whatever."

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