Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another weird dream

So I must think a lot of myself at work because last night I had a dream that I had to quick fly back to take care of some things and then I would come back to S.Africa. Anyway I was at the office and everybody was coming to me with questions and I got frustrated because I just really felt that I should be able to leave and have things go smoothly. And I considered just not going back to S. Africa so that I could clean up the mess that I left behind.

HAHAHAHA isn't it so hysterical that in my mind I am the glue that holds Advisors Mortgage together and without me they will just wither up and die?

I think everybody feels that way inside they just don't say it for the world to read?

p.s. I kept getting mad at myself in my dream because I was going to have to pay for another ticket because I was sure that I couldn't use the same ticket to make the trip twice.

LOL. This is cracking me up.

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