Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two More Afrikaans semi-swears

Goeie Genigtig
Pronounced: Huy-A-Ha-Nook-Tuk with the H's very phlegmy.

It means, "goodness gracious"

Vonk Prop
Pronounced: foonk proep

I can't remember what it means, but you use it in the car.


mom said...

I know, you use foonk proep in the car on the way to the bathroom. and then you use Goeie Genigtig when you are done.

Anonymous said...

can't we all just use english and get along? "flink troped" means something to somebody somewhere at sometime that i really don't need to worry about. Unless they take over this Glorious Far Spacious Land. Even then, I will say, No Comprenday.! spellcheck spanish version .0 only, sorry.

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