Thursday, October 16, 2008


A group of female elephants (or cows) is called a breeding herd. The babies stay with them and they walk around in a huge bunch together. The males stay far away and live alone. They only come around when a cow is in heat. Elephants live until 60 years old. They have six sets of teeth in their lifetime, and once the sixth set falls out, they stop eating, they just drink water and then they die.
They don't really have any enemies. Lions would really have to work hard to kill an elephant. So they usually just die of old age.

They eat about 300 - 600 pounds per day, for 18 hours per day. And they have a very poor digestive system, so their bodies only use 40% of the food. So they basically crap up to 360 pounds per day.

I'm telling you there was poop all over Kruger. Everywhere you look. Poop.

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