Friday, October 17, 2008

Night number 2 in the treehouse

So I did not have the luxury of alcohol on the 2nd night. We were in Kruger from 8am to 8pm, and I only had time for dinner and like two beers. So I had to stay in my hut again. Alone. I was the only alone person in the camp. It was really hard, because even though sometimes I live alone, I really prefer to have a roommate. I get so so so so scared of the dark. I slept with my sister Kasey until I graduated high school for crying out loud. I'm just not an alone person. Too social and too fradey cat I guess.

Anyway, so on night number two Toby the manager of the place offered to drive me to my room and I took him up on it. When we got there he checked for snakes and stuff everywhere and he found a frog on my window and I about jumped through the roof. He asked if I wanted him to move it and I said yes, and then I saw a gecko on the wall. I freaked out. He said that I would want that one because they eat spiders, so I agreed to let the gecko stay. So then Toby left and as soon as I shut the door I started bawling. Like not out loud, but the tears came and then the snot and pretty soon I was hyperventilating. And then I realized that I am 31 years old and this type of behavior is ridiculous. I pulled myself together and went into the bathroom to go pee. I was kind of embarrassed though because I think Toby hung around for a few minutes to make sure I was OK, and I turned the light on when I went pee and as I said there are inches wide holes between every piece of bamboo on the outside walls and I was scared of stuff in the toilet (even though Toby checked in there) so naturally I stood up to pee. I'm pretty sure Toby might have gotten to see the full moon that night if you know what I mean.

People: I wasn't even scared of animals, right? I was scared of monsters. So you can see how irrational it is. I didn't imagine that a cape buffalo might be outside my room (which is absolutely possible:)

No, instead I was imagining that Gollum from Lord of the Rings was outside my room. And so of course it was hard to sleep. But here's what I wrote in my journal:

"I'm pretty freaked out right now. I just wish I wasn't alone. I would be completely fine if someone else were here. Right now I can hear crickets and frogs croaking. No big deal right? Well...'something' is walking around out there. I CAN'T believe I'm doing this. I will wear ear plugs tonight. What the? I'm really in Africa and I'm really sleeping alone in a bamboo shack under a mosquito net."

But then as I said, I also wrote:

"This was one of the best days of my life."

I saw 4 baby lion cubs. I saw an elephant take a bath. I saw zebras cuddling with each other. I saw two lady elephants fighting with each other. I saw lions licking themselves like a common house cat. I watched the most beautiful sunset of my life.

Oh, and p.s. Toby said he heard me crying. He did not, however admit to seeing me pee. And I didn't ask.


kasey said...

I feel really bad. I was the one who let it slip to Gollum that you had traveled to South Africa. So when he was looking through the bamboo at you while you slept, it was my fault. But it is not my fault he followed you home to Mpls and watches you sleep.

kasey said...

I think he actually was listening to you pee and thought you were crying.

Anonymous said...

gollum is very frightening! im scared of him right here in good ole hutchinson mn. im also scared of hit men that wait for me to turn my lights off at night so they can take me out.....not on a date. ba dump bump!

Anonymous said...

Is Gollum the guy you are super afraid of that you think is on your ceiling? Maybe if you took me with you to somewhere awesome and far away you wouldn't get scared.:)

ashley said...

When I was little I had 2 fears of things living under my bed:

1. Giant snakes. (but that's pretty common, right?)
2. Pro-wrestlers. No joke. I would hop from the edge of my rug to my bed so my feet wouldn't have to be right next to my bed, thus preventing Hulk Hogan from grabbing my ankle.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Dear Hanna:

Yes I will take you to International Falls next time I go. Now quit begging!

And Ashley:
What did your therapist say about that?

Anonymous said...

Was sad to hear your were forced to sleep with your sister for "crying out loud." Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me. Your parents seem weird. Do they read this? just tell them you don't think anyone close to you wrote it. Sounds like you gave Toby the cold shoulder. He, all manimal and what not, checking out your hut. I thinks he was checking you out shawty. Ga Nite Kaaady. With a tear in his eye, lumbering back to his land rover to work on it because british engineering is as accurate as guessing your speed in a boat with a cold brisk headwind. They spend more time and energy trying to keep there accent so evryone will think they are sooo intelligent. Here of there, somewhere perhaps. Junk. built to break. Buy my vac yume! as it tote-ly! doesn't not sick! at sic- shun! Settle down you excita freaks and your selling style. Oh, Gollum was eaten by a baby lion who thought it was a freakishly tall hairless monkey. no worries Kate! Your sister seems mean or jealous of you. probably both. Jealousy is just an insecure expression of love. Who loves ya kasey? no, who does? prove it!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love you kasey?

Anonymous said...


kasey said...

Someone is on crack, and stealing Ben's identity.

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