Saturday, October 4, 2008

New words:

I don't know if anybody has noticed, but I have taken on a little bit of a British / South African accent when I type. It's also in my head. But I am trying SO HARD not to let it show in my speech.

I want to talk with an accent so bad! But how rude would that be? The one thing is that Mineska works at The Health Path, and I allow myself to say Path like PAHTH. It sounds so posh.

I'm having some trouble with my keyboard, so I switched it out with another one, but it's not picking up all of the letters that I'm typing.

So, the new words are:

Keen. Are you "keen" to go to the movies on Friday?
Fancy. Do you "Fancy" a cup of coffee?

Mineska has been working, and so I have had some time to myself. I have been walking about a mile or so into town and then hitting the internet cafe. On Thursday, I needed to walk to The Health PAHTH after the cafe, and so I asked the woman how to get there. She gave me a map for God's sake. She drew the internet cafe and the Health PAHTH for me and drew a freakin' line between the two. There were two turns, and two roundabouts. Seems easy right? I got lost immediately. But then I ran into the pharmacy where Annette, Mineska's mom works and I asked her for directions. "Oh, it's easy, you go through here, and round here and over this and under that..." Again I'm lost immediately. I asked anoter woman at a video store and finally a fourth person at a gas station, and then figured out what to do. Is it just me, or do people in other countries simply NOT know how to give directions? Also, I am stupid, but that's beside the point.
It doesn't help that their towns are not built on a streets/avenues basis. They are all windy and circular and stuff.

Anyway, I've decided to write a book entitled, "How the Idiot Travels the World."
Or something like that.

p.s. for those of you who worry about me, I am staying in Hout Bay, which is essentially like staying in Minnetonka. So when I was lost for a half an hour, I was as safe as can be and I had Mineska's cell phone with me. HA!

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