Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in Cape Town

So when I got back to Cape Town from the Kruger I decided I better figure out what I had to do before I left because I only had Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday. I kind of wanted to go to Cape Point (the very bottom of Africa -- where two oceans meet and it's very pretty there) But the doctors from my safari said that they hiked down there and saw a rattle snake. And they had to walk by it. Plus it was quite a drive and would take the whole day and I am such a lazy person, so Mineska and I ended up spending Saturday on the beach *wink* and Saturday evening we went for dinner at a nice little tapas place in Cape Town called Asoka. There was a tree growing right through it. Mineska ordered a pineapple and coconut juice and then Tony took my favorite picture from the trip:

And here's a picture of me telling the story of how when we were kids Kasey and I would fight all the time and one of her signature moves was to use my hair and head like a punching bag. She would first PULL my hair and then PUNCH my head. Double whammy.

And here's a picture of me saying something super important to Mineska:

And here's a picture of Tony and Janine drinking from a really BIG glass:

And here's one where that shows my ability to totally captivate my audience with my super intelligence:

And here's me again, telling another story:

Look how interested people are in my stories:

1 comment:

mom said...

shame on you, Kasey

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