Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting up to Kruger, cont.

...And so I was told that there would be a man with a sign with my name on it at the Jo'burg airport to pick me up.

Well, I didn't have any bags to claim, so I thought I might have time to call my credit card. Apparently they thought my card was stolen or something, and the guy from the Treehouse place called me to tell me he was having trouble with it. So I called them and cleared it up. Well then I went to find the guy with my name on a sign and there was nobody. I was told to meet him at B3. So I went and asked where that was. It's outside. So I go stand outside by B3 for what seemed forever. Then I walk in and around and look...and then go back outside by B3. Nobody, no sign, no nothing. I start getting scared that I'm going to be stuck in Jo'burg alone, which as everyone has told me, you just don't want. Period. So I go back to B3, and there are a couple backpacker girls and I ask them if they are waiting for a guy named Trevor. No, they said, but they reminded me about Africa time. So I decided not to worry. But I had to go to the bathroom. The girls were from Jerusalem and were in between serving in the army and going to school. I trusted them and asked them to watch my stuff while I went to the bathroom and to please tell Trevor I was coming back if he ever showed up. Of course when I got out of the bathroom, there was my ride. I was glad that I talked to those girls, because I was told later that another dude wasn't there waiting for the ride and they left him. Which would suck because the treehouse and the safari area is about a 12 hour bus ride from the airport. I would have been screwed.

So I get on the bus and I have the whole back seat to myself. And then we picked up a girl from Japan. And then 4 more people from Germany. As it was there was already a British Guy, 2 people from Germany and 4 people from Spain, so in the end there was a full bus and because I'm stupid, I ended up in the very back row seat over the wheel well and spent the next 9 hours or so curled in a ball around my backpack, a wheel well and of course had a wide-y next to me with her elbows in my side. UGH.

I couldn't get my cash card to work at any ATM and started to worry. Finally at the last ATM machine before we got to our destination, I was able to pull out 500 rand, or about $60. This lasted me for the next four days miraculously. But all my meals except lunch were covered at the treehouse.

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

well, this is just great...I knew I was addicted to 'dancing with the stars';( but I never would have guessed 'your blog'.. thanks Kady, thanks!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

thanks, anonymous!

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