Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Table Mountain

So on Sunday we decided to hike Table Mountain. I was looking forward to getting some exercise and checking out the gorgeous view of Cape Town from on top of the mountain, but in the end, we all got really lazy and afraid of a cold front coming in that would bring the hikers' dreaded "tablecloth", which is a thick cloud that comes and covers Table Mountain and causes a bunch of deaths every year. Hikers are walking around Table Mountain, minding their own business, when BAM the clouds come in and completely blind them, and then they fall of the mountain and die:

But for me, it was more laziness. There's a cable car that will bring you right to the top without any sweating or nettles or snakes or any of those unpleasantries.

We borrowed Tony's dad's BMW (which I got to drive!). Tony said, let's take the BM. I had to explain what that means in America.

Here's a picture of me driving the Bowel Movement:

I even parallel parked it backwards onto the left side of the road. That was weird, but I was pretty proud of myself!

We had to wait for a while to get onto the cable car and here are a couple pictures of us waiting:

So the cable car was scary! It goes STRAIGHT up the mountain. And it spins, so you can see out all sides. As soon as it left the ground I lost strength in my legs. I bent my knees and felt like I couldn't stand up. It was very cool to see, but of course the whole time all you can imagine is the thing breaking and the whole bunch of people jamming into eachother as the little ball bounces down the mountain. It didn't help that Leigh (dude in the photos) is a super-smart engineer programmer guy and he said the cable car was really poorly designed.

We pretty much goofed around the whole day on top of the mountain. Here are some pictures of us goofing around:

Then we saw this guy:

Which prompted a wave of stupid human tricks. We did cartwheels, whistled between our thumbs, and challenged eachother to feats of strenth. Pretty soon people from all countries were joining us. We had French people, German people, Pakistani people, everybody was joining in the fun. And because I was so inspired, I belted out "WE ARE THE WORLD...WE ARE THE CHILDREN...WE ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE A BRIGHTER DAY...SO LET'S START GIVING..." And people actually started singing with me. It was very funny. It was such a fun day.


kasey said...

I have never loved anyone as much as I love you in the image of singing "We are the World" on a mountain in South Africa with peoples of all different nationalities.

Anonymous said...

Oh. man. That was a good post. LOVE the splits guy!

kasey said...

Unfortunately, I've seen the results of you driving a "BM"
- Ben "the real one this time"

mom said...

I do know now where my grandchildren come from. Have you all checked out Kasey's blog with her kids' pictures? You guys are my world. Whyn'tcha come visit?

Anonymous said...

Awesome day. Awesome mountain. Awesome people to hang out with. Awesome that you make friends with people wherever you go.

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