Saturday, October 11, 2008

I saw the baddest arse hair cut

A dude on the plane from Cape Town to Jo'burg was wearing the most bad ass hair cut I have ever seen. And I apologize for swearing. There was just no other way to describe it.

Picture it if you will:

Red-headed dude.
5' 7" if he's lucky.
Top fashioned into a faux-hawk.
Stripes shaved into the sides.
Tattoo on his forearm read "UNCLE P".

I know by the description it sounds really gross, but I was oddly attracted to a guy who would wear such a 'do with such pride and confidence. This was one cool dude. I wish I had gotten a photo. Your imaginations will just have to carry you there.


Anonymous said...

Kady, you really are nuts!

prettiest sister said...

Just remember the trouble you had with the last red head! I also made the comment about you being nuts, I didn't mean for it to be anonymous, I just don't know how to use this. K

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