Friday, October 17, 2008


Check this out. We just happened upon these lions and they were totally laying around. Like house cats! They were so lazy. And we were up so close to them.

Who's pretty? Who's a pretty girl on safari?


Anonymous said...

toby shot all the lions the night before. He hates lions! That little mean australian. Just because they don"t have lions in your country doesn't mean you can go around shooting them for the safari goers to look at. Shame on you TOBY, you are not nice and not worth marrying by anybody. Matthew Quiggley was a bead on you. PoooooooooooooW! you hear 3-5 seconds later as a lifeless toby lies amongst the Lion carcasses, circled by the safari goers and cape vulture eagle hawks. all with a surprised look on their faces and beaks. What next?! tune in nexttime when we review the case of the fallen austr"alien". what will judge waupner have to say about this defendants lost "safari wages" and extradition to the prison island. remember if your a lion and have a problem with a hunter, don't take the law into your own paws, You Takem TO COURT. music...gets crazier... roll sponsors.. annnnnnnd commercial. cut! good job everybody. Waupner, you were great and noble as usual.

Anonymous said...

Juss lube thait pitcher oof charleeze Theroin anned teh lyons. Go Soth aFREEKa.

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