Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad Dream

I had a dream last night that two robbers came into the house. I had this dream because we had people over for dinner last night and one of the girls said that she had for the third time now received notice that robbers had gotten past her gate. Everything is gated here. Little pockets of neighborhoods will have a security guard and a gate all the way around. The gate will have an electric fence around the top or barbed wire. Sometimes the fence seems pretty easy to get over. But not at our place.

So in the dream the two men said that they had to hang a photo and it had been prearranged with the owner of the house. I was home alone and said that I needed to reach Mineska and I couldn't get her on the phone and also I realized that I had no idea how to call 911 or whatever 911 would be here. It was very scary. Especially since the photo was ugly and I knew the homeowners would never have prearranged to have it hung in their home while they were away.

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