Saturday, October 4, 2008

Keri you have to make this

Thai Red Curry

Saute onions in olive oil -- fresh garlic optional
Add free range chicken breast, about a pound or so
masala (not sure if this spice is available there...)
1 can red curry sauce (the one we used had bamboo shoots and baby corn in it)
1 can coconut cream
butternut squash
sweet potato
dash cinnamon

Serve over quinoa or cous cous and add tons of fresh cilantro and green onions.



prettiest sister said...

Kady, I was at the grocery store the day before you listed this recipe and I thought, I just have to get some new and interesting spices, and I bought Masala, I swear. I couldn't believe it when you wrote out that recipe.

Anonymous said...

it looks like a rabbit threw up. your unloved niece

Anonymous said...

no I don't! Ya Gonna make me? I dare ya to knock that battery of my shoulder. Duracell- the copper top.

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