Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zebras and wildebeast

Zebras can often be found grazing with Wildebeast. They are not enemies, in fact they help eachother. Zebras can see very far, but they can't hear very far. And wildebeast are just the opposite, they can hear really well but their sight is not as good as a zebra's. And so they all stick together and alert eachother of predators. They don't even compete for food. Zebras eat the longer grasses, and the wildebeast uses it's tongue to get at the shorter lower grasses.


Also, zebras all have unique stripes. When a baby zebra is born, the mom goes with the baby alone into the bush for the first six months so that they baby can get used to its' moms stripes.


I love the picture of the zebra butts. We were warned that 80% of the photos you'll take will be of butts. Butt -- I think it's cute.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are fantastic. Can you believe you were there. Where have you been lately, Kady? "Oh I was on Safari"

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