Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wrong side of the road driving

When Mineska picked me up from the airport and we were going to the car, she had to pay the ticket and so she said she would meet me at the car. I walked up and started to get in the passenger side, but there was a steering wheel there! I forgot this is a left side country. So I hopped in the drivers' side, which is the passenger's side here.
On the freeway, I saw a tiny little boy driving a car. I was just about to ask how old you have to be to get your license here and then I realized the little boy was the passenger.

It's also confusing when walking and trying to cross the street. You have to look right first, then left. If you put your foot out and look left first you might get hit by a car.

Did I mention that traffic is insane here? People drive a little crazier. The roads are also narrower and there's less room for error. And if you're South African, you would say the traffic is "hectic".

My favorite thing to say now is, "do you have _________ in South Africa?" Yesterday, it was paper towels.

Gail -- "Girls Next Door" is called "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" here. Also, when they swear, it's not bleeped out and when the boobies come out, they are not fuzzy.

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