Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Charlize "South Africa's Pride and Joy" Theron

So everybody knows that Charlize Theron is a famous person to come out of South Africa, but why is she on the cover of all of their magazines? She was on GQ South Africa, Elle South Africa, etc etc etc. Yes, Charlize is a movie star. Yes she's from your country. But don't see Prince on the cover of every Minnesota Monthly do ya?

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Anonymous said...

All i can say when I look at this picture is I feel like driving a Merecedes and drinking a SoBe. Oh, She's cute in a manly sort of way. Totally fine though. If you break her name down, Char lize T heron. translates: shar likes the heroin. All fun and jokes, she's cute. South Afrikaans rule, South afreeka.

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