Saturday, October 4, 2008

I will learn to salsa before I ever leave the country again!

So I just had this epiphany:

Every single time I have left the country with the exception of my trip to China, I have been wrangled into some Salsa club. Last night it happened again.

I sort of know how to salsa, but as soon as the spinning and dipping and side to side stuff starts happening, I'm completely lost. Mineska and I had the most lovely day yesterday. We slept until noon, and then got up and went into Cape Town, where we shopped and went to the Green Market, which is a place for vendors to sell you stuff. p.s. if your name is on the following list, I have bought you a present:
And yes that means I have bought three things for myself. Alason, the pottery wasn't up to snuff so I will continue to search. Cory - your magnet has been purchased, however I have yet to find a real present for you. Gail, I will get you something fabulous this time, I swear.
Back to paragraph: So anyway we stopped to have lunch at this incredibly delicious pizza place where I had mushroom, artichoke and rocket pizza. Rocket is arugula by the way and it's used everywhere here. Anna, you simply must try it on pasta and pizza. Fabuloso! After that, we decided to do sundown (watch the sunset) in Camp's Bay and so we went to a restaurant on the waterfront and sat at the best table I have ever sat at in my entire life. It was on the second floor on a balcony just bigger than the table, and we sat facing the sunset and it slowly decended perfectly between two palm trees while waves fit for surfers crashed below. YUM.

I had a drink called the Back Porch Lemonade which is a twist on my standard Vodka lemonade. They added cranberry juice and ginger ale as well.
They say "as well" a lot here. But the emphasis is on the word AS. Like, "AS well".
Our waiters name was Kayo, pronounced like Mayo like Mayonaisse. I like that name and. Not to be confused with the cat at our house named Mayo, pronounced MY-OH.

The internet cafe is called Tobi's and they are also a tourism outfit and so I am going to try to book a safari through them. I may go to Jo'burg and to Kruger because it's just so much better for safari then the places closer to Cape Town.

Also I can do Abseiling, kloofing, whale watching, tons of stuff. Our time at the mansion is nearly over...tomorrow the homeowners come home from their trip up the orange river.

They have a daughter named Liesl. I am going to name one of my imaginary babies Liesl. I LOVE IT! I spend a lot of time naming imaginary babies.

OH yeah, I was talking about salsa.
So we met a nice couple (Thiry and Danny) and they joined us at our perfect table (it was too nice not to share and so we forced them to join us). We chatted with them and drank with them until 10pm and then we all agreed to go meet at a salsa joint.
At the salsa joint, Mineska and I danced first and she refreshed my memory a little on how to do it. But then a nice boy from India invited me to dance and I was so embarrassed because immediately he went into the spins and stuff. I was like "SORRY!" but he was patient and he tried to lead me but I just have such a hard time being led and our knees kept knocking. But he kept me out there for two songs. I think he really thought he could teach me something. He was sorely mistaken. Anyway, I think the key to salsa dancing is to relax and let the leader lead you.


Anonymous said...

I am extremely offended that my name is not on that list. your apparently unloved niece

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Dear Hanna:

I have bought you crap from all over this world, and now it's Miyo's turn. Get over it.

p.s. I didn't get anything for Miyo either.

Anonymous said...

"I will learn to chips before I ever leave the country again!"

Anonymous said...

chips n salss at last. yey wheeeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

I fell off the previous comment. I was like drinking a little and was talking to "e" when "n" said something like, "Get next to me we're forming a word." Like before I could do anything, I like passed out and hit the floo . I woke up to find eve yone had like left me. I like think "e" put something in my d ink again. what? So that is a little wei d, so sue me!!

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